Site Selection - Part Three

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Site Selection - Part Three

Legalities - Talk to your real estate agent and lawyer about local state, county, and municipal requirements.  The community and/or development may have specific laws, ranging from trivial to serious that relate to your prospective neighborhood.  For instance: is the area zoned for a home office?  Can you park on the street outside your home?  Are recreational vehicles allowed on private property?  Are there materials and size limitations on the kind of home you can build?  Are there any regulations about cutting trees or about private septic systems?

It is important to know the real boundaries of your property.  Lots are divided by specific measure as well as natural barriers.

The future - You should not make the ultimate decision on a site, no matter how perfect is may seem until you have investigated the stability of the neighborhood.  Is there a great deal of land for sale nearby?  Do you know what will be built next door to you?  How is your street zoned, and will that tract across from you sprout a shopping center?  The local planning commission can supply many of these answers.  Also is your site convenient to shopping, schools, commuting?  How serious are the negatives - an airport flight path, industrial pollution, a flood plain?

Finally talk to long-time neighborhood residents.  How responsive are they to new construction in the area?  Talk to other people who have bought into the subdivision.  Are they satisfied?  If they are content, then chances are strong that you will be too. 

After all is said and done, it's now time to start building your dream log home.  

Here are a few useful links to use when you begin to look for land. 

It is never too early to start planning your home or log cabin.  Get started today by viewing our floor plans and call us at 800-341-1566 or drop us an email.  Complete custom log home plans are also available.

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