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Before selecting and investing in a security system, first identify what you're looking to protect. Beyond making sure your doors and windows are secure, here are the most common issues and solutions:

  • Break-ins: Motion sensors, garage door monitor, lighting, panic button, etc.
  • Surveillance: Video and audio monitoring to keep you aware of who is at the front door before you choose to answer the doorbell.
  • Fire: Smoke detector, fire extinguisher.
  • CO: Carbon monoxide detector alerts you to dangerous levels of this naturally occurring, but deadly, odorless and invisible gas.
  • Water: Water leak detectors alert you to water leaks such as burst pipes or overflowing bathtubs. Some solutions include automatic water shut-off to keep water damage to a minimum. Also, a sump pump alarm lets you know when your sump pump is not working--before it's too late and your basement is flooding.

The Nest company, for instance, offers several products to give you peace of mind--from thermostats to smoke and CO detectors to security cameras.

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