Food Preparation Center

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Food Preparation Center

In our continuing segment on planning a kitchen for your log home, this week let's talk about the food preparation center.  Food prep can be anything from making a sandwich to preparing a multi-course meal.  A lot goes on at the food prep area such as: cleaning and rinsing food, cutting, mixing, processing, etc.  For many, especially those with smaller kitchens, their prep zone is also their baking center for rolling out dough, etc.  Most of your time spent in the kitchen is spent prepping.  It is the most often used and longest used zone in your kitchen!

The food preparation center should be located as close to the eating area as possible so that hot food may be carried minimum distances.  It should be located near the oven if a separate built-in oven unit is used in addition to the range.  Also, allow open counter space on both sides of the cooking surface of a cooktop or oven.  A base drawer cabinet next to the cooktop, oven or dishwasher, will provide an excellent storage unit for cooking utensils such as mixing spoons, knives, and pot holders.  Think about having a slide out tray feature in you base cabinets.  This makes an excellent storage space for large pots and pans.  Also it is not safe to install a built-ion oven next to a range because of the possible fire hazards.  It will also eliminate necessary counter top space for cooking utensils.  

Here are a few kitchens with good food prep centers we found on Pinterest;

Kitchen with raised bar
Kitchen with large island
Kitchen with island and stools

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