Clean Up Center

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Clean Up Center

It is one of the least things you want to do in the kitchen, however it has to be done.  This is the sink area where waste food is disposed of (if you have a food disposal), dishes and utensils are cleaned and serving trays, glassware, and silverware are stored.

If a built-in dishwasher is planned, it should be placed next to the sink.  You should allow 24 inches for the dishwasher.

Another great place for a drawer unit is next to the dishwasher or near the sink. This makes an excellent storage unit for silverware, cutlery, and miscellaneous food preparation "gadgets."  Because of movement to and from the clean up center, try not to locate the sink too close to the range or cooking center.  This prevents accidentally bumping pots and pans or spilling grease.  If a trash masher compactor is planned, it should be located near the clean up center.  In most cases, allow 15 inches of width for this appliance.  However since some manufacturers make narrower models, it is best to check the specifications of each appliance before making a specific layout.  About 20% of your time in the kitchen is spent cleaning up so make it as efficient as possible.  

Here are a few kitchens we like that have well placed clean up centers;

Kitchen sink with dishwasher nearby
Kitchen appliances close together
Dishwasher right next to sink

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