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Build a Log Home That is Unique to You.

Imagine being able to design a custom log home shaped by your individual tastes, preferences, and building site.

You can do just that!  Our three design series — Premier Series, Cedar Valley Series or Camp Series are just a guide and are fully customizable.  In addition to log homes and camps we also offer a Garage Series.  

Each series offers different alternatives for package components, log length and overall home size — Any of our existing log home floor plans can be used as a springboard for your ideas. Make any customizations you wish such as; move walls, change windows, increase/decrease size, and much more.

You can even combine features from one plan with another or go completely custom at no additional costs. Let us help you design a log home that makes your life easier and is unique to you. Hybrid and Timber homes are also available and any log home plan can be transformed into one.  

Struggling to find the perfect plan for your dream log home? We also provide complete custom designs without any extra design fees. Discover the possibilities of custom log home design without the worry of hidden costs. For more information on our custom offerings, or to start designing your dream home today contact us. For immediate assistance or to discuss your ideas with our experts, call us at 800-341-1566.

Can I custom-design my log home?

Can I get help with the design?

What is included and not included?

Can I add a deck/porch or garage?

Premier Series

The popular Premier Series offers the greatest design variety, with many home styles and floor plans to choose from and personalize them to meet your own needs and ideas.

Cedar Valley Series

If you're looking for a more cost-effective log home, choose the Cedar Valley Series.  Great for first time home buyers. 

Camp Series

For the adventurer in all of us, Ward offers the Camp Series.  Named after remote Maine lakes, these models are intended for vacation use or weekend cabins.

Garage Series

Whether you need extra space for storage, park your vehicles, or a workshop, the Garage Series is a great addition to your log home.

Hybrid Series

If you are looking for a home where you can mix logs, siding, stone and other accents, the Hybrid Series offers the flexibility that you are looking for.

Personalized Homes

Find custom log home designs that other homeowners have created to make their dream a reality.

Let's Find Your Ward Cedar Log Home Today!

Simplify Your Log Home Search With Our Years Of Experience

Searching for a new home can sometimes be overwhelming.  Use us as a resource to get the answers you need in order to make the right purchasing decision.  Let us help you design the right log home for you and your family.  Please contact us today and let's get you started to building your custom log home!  Learn more about how to choose a log home company.

Connect With Us Today For An Estimate On Your Log Home Ideas!

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Connect With Us Today For An Estimate On Your Log Home Ideas!

Request a quote

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