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A home of timeless beauty, enduring quality and year-round comfort.

Ward Cedar Log Homes is committed to using Northern White Cedar and offers many features and design options for you to choose from when building your log home, including Comfort System 5™ and Ward's Hybrid Log Home technology.  You'll feel confident knowing that every Ward home has been designed and engineered over the years to achieve lasting beauty and strength.  Our commitment is to design a log home that reflects your personal taste and make your home as unique as your individual signature.  We concentrate on craftsmanship and superior materials and want to create a home that enhances your life and ensure long lasting value. Along with our superior customer service, every Ward home comes with a 20-year warranty.

Ward Continues to be Active and Influential in the World of Professional Building Construction:

  • Member of Maine Homebuilders and Remodelers Association
  • Member of Maine Wood Products Association.

Make it your own

Choice comes standard with Ward Cedar Log Homes.  No matter which features you choose, you will feel confident knowing that every Ward home has been designed and engineered over the years to achieve lasting beauty and strength.

Log Profiles or Siding

From contemporary to traditional, Ward offers a variety of log profiles to suit your style.  Our classic D-shaped log provides a smooth, finished look and is available in both 6-inch and 8-inch profiles.  If you prefer a more handcrafted feel, there's our handhewn log.  Back by popular demand, this traditional profile has rustic appeal.  We also offer a milled clapboard log profile for a more conventional exterior look.

Porches, Decks, and Garages

When the days are long and the weather warm, you'll want to spend more time outside - entertaining friends, relaxing with family or simply enjoying a lovely view on a quiet Saturday afternoon.  With Ward, you can easily extend your living space outdoors by adding a screened-in porch, wraparound deck or a gracious veranda.  Or add an attached or detached garage - even a barn - matching your home's exterior appearance.

Roof Systems

The roof is the crowning jewel of every home we build, adding elegance, strength, and complete protection from the elements. We offer three roof systems to choose from:  our uniquely designed exposed round purlin roof, traditional rafter construction or a manufactured truss system.  


Don't let sloped ceilings stop you from having the room you need. Add dormers to increase the height of the outside wall and create more second floor living space.  Choose either shed or gable roof dormers to provide the exterior style you prefer.

Log Corners or Corner Boards

Choose our traditional interlocking corners for a look that's reminiscent of yesteryear.  Or square off the corners and finish them with cedar trim for a more modern look.

Complete Packages

Design Choices

Energy Efficiency

Northern White Cedar

Let's Find Your Ward Cedar Log Home Today!

Why choose Ward Cedar Log Homes for my home or cabin?

  • Our log homes and cabins are built using Northern White Cedar - One of nature's best woods and R-value, saving you on heating/cooling cost.
  • No surprises - We work closely with you to work out every detail possible.
  • Quality construction - Ensuring you a tighter, lasting fit log home, protecting you from the outside elements.  Lower maintenance so you can enjoy your home more.  Learn the importance of how log homes are constructed.
  • Complete design flexibility - Start with our log home plans or yours at no added design fees.
  • Experience - You want a company that has been around for years and will still be around long after your home has been built, providing advice and support before, during, and years after.  Ward has been providing quality log homes since 1923.
  • It is all about you - It is not about what we want, it is about you and your family's needs and wants.  We appreciate your business and will service you years to come.  Committed to you, your dream, and year round comfort.

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