Hybrid Construction With Your Frame Of Mind.

For extreme climate conditions or when you're building in areas with prescriptive energy codes, Ward Cedar Log Homes offers a Hybrid home.  The Hybrid System provides the look of a solid log home while providing a super insulated R-30 or more home.  And since only the walls are constructed differently than other Ward log homes, the rest of the log home package can remain the same.  These homes offer more flexibility to let your creative ideas come together.  You have the ability to combine many features such as logs, log siding, stone, T&G boards, round or square timbers, stucco, drywall, and other siding accents.  The possibilities are endless.  A Hybrid & Timber Home allows you to have both the interior and exterior designed to your ideas, desires, and needs.  Whether you want just a few log or timber accents or a complete system that will look like a full log home or timber frame home, the choice is yours.

All of our standard designs can be adapted to a Hybrid or Timber Home.  Or lets work closely together to design a custom home that fits you and your lifestyle.

The Hybrid & Timber Homes features:

  • Exterior look choice — Choose from Cedar log siding that look exactly like traditional solid log walls, Cedar shakes, clapboard siding, faux stone, board and batten, and more.
  • Interior look choice - Interior walls can be finished just like any traditional log wall — tongue-and-groove boards, cedar half-log siding for a full log wall look, dry wall that allows you to paint or wallpaper areas of your choice, round beams, timber trusses and accents.
  • Superior energy efficiency — When you're building in areas where energy codes are dictated, Ward's Hybrid & Timber Homes delivers an R-value of more than 30.
  • A variety of corner styles to select from — The standard package comes with full-log corners, but you can also choose corner boards to provide a more formal appearance.
  • Easy-to-understand construction — Builders and contractors everywhere, even in areas where log homes are uncommon, will quickly understand how Ward's Hybrid & Timber Homes is constructed.

With all Ward homes, you can be assured of easy-to-maintain durability, long lasting beauty, and quality.

View photos of Hybrid & Timber homes.