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Make it your own

Choice comes standard with Ward Cedar Log Homes.  No matter which features you choose, you will feel confident knowing that every Ward home has been designed and engineered over the years to achieve lasting beauty and strength.

Log Profiles or Siding

From contemporary to traditional, Ward offers a variety of log profiles to suit your style. Our classic D-shaped log provides a smooth, finished look and is available in both 6-inch and 8-inch profiles.  If you prefer a more handcrafted feel, there's our handhewn log. Back by popular demand, this traditional profile has rustic appeal. We also offer a milled clapboard log profile for a more conventional exterior look.

Log Corners or Corner Boards

Choose our traditional interlocking corners for a look that's reminiscent of yesteryear.  Or square off the corners and finish them with cedar trim for a more modern look.

Roof Systems

The roof is the crowning jewel of every home we build, adding elegance, strength, and complete protection from the elements.  We offer three roof systems to choose from:  our uniquely designed exposed round purlin roof, traditional rafter construction or a manufactured truss system.  Following is a look at what each one has to offer.

Purlin Roof System

Ward was the first to use the pre-cut round purlin roof system, which gives structures tremendous strength while creating soaring cathedral ceilings, plenty of space for lofts and open, free-flowing floor plans - the hallmark of a Ward Cedar Log home.  Our spruce purlins are also pre-notched in our factory so that they may pass right through the solid log gable walls, leaving you with less cutting on the job.  Purlins may be round or square, depending upon your preference.

Rafter Roof System

You also have the option of selecting a conventional rafter system, designed with standard dimensional lumber.  Should you want to make a stronger architectural statement, specify our larger rafter option to create valuted ceilings in which the rafters are exposed.

Truss Roof System

If cost savings are important to you, Ward Cedar Log Homes offers a manufactured truss roof system that allows you to combine both flat and vaulted ceilings.  An attic truss system is also available should you need additional second floor living space at an economical price.


Don't let sloped ceilings stop you from having the room you need.  Add dormers to increase the height of the outside wall and create more second floor living space.  Choose either shed or gable roof dormers to provide the exterior style you prefer.

Porches, Decks and Garages

When the days are long and the weather warm, you'll wnat to spend more time outside - entertaining friends, relaxing with family or simply enjoying a lovely view on a quiet Saturday afternoon.  With Ward, you can easily extend your living space outdoors by adding a screened-in porch, wraparound deck or a gracious veranda.  Or add an attached or detached garage - even a barn - matching your home's exterior appearance.