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Standard and custom log homes and cabin kits



Welcome Home. Delivering Quality Log Homes and Cabin Kits Worldwide.

Imagine coming home to a place that feels cozy, relaxed, warm, and brings you back to nature.  A log home the way you created it, whether it's a statement of quality, for entertaining friends and family with style, for holidays, for quiet moments, or a cabin in the woods.  A home shaped by your individual tastes, preferences, location, and of course, your budget. It's not just a home, it's a lifestyle.  

Start with a plan from any one of our three design series, and use it as a springboard for your ideas.  Make any modifications you wish to the plan or materials package. You can even combine features from one log home plan with another.  Or bring your ideas to us and we will work closely with you to create a custom log home that reflects who you are - the choice is yours.  View our log profiles.

"We cannot express enough of our appreciation for the hard work and professionalism that Ward Log Homes put into our "Dream Home". We will never forget how you would not give up on a single detail to make this project come to life."

Bob & Lillian, Haddon Heights, N.J.

Searching for a new home can sometimes be overwhelming.  We are here to help, use us as a resource to get the answers you need in order to make the right purchasing decision.  Let us help you design the right log home for you and your family.  Give us a call today and let's get you started to building your dream.  We would be happy to help through the entire process.
Why choose Ward Cedar Log Homes for my home or cabin?
  • Our log homes and cabins are built using Northern White Cedar - One of nature's best woods and R-value, saving you on heating/cooling cost.
  • No surprises - We work closely with you to work out every detail possible.
  • Quality construction - Ensuring you a tighter, lasting fit log home, protecting you from the outside elements.  Lower maintenance so you can enjoy your home more.  Learn the importance of how log homes are constructed.
  • Complete design flexibility - Start with our log home plans or yours at no added design fees.
  • Experience - You want a company that has been around for years and will still be around long after your home has been built, providing advice and support before, during, and years after.  Ward has been providing quality log homes since 1923.
  • It is all about you - It is not about what we want, it is about you and your family's needs and wants.  We appreciate your business and will service you years to come. Committed to you, your dream, and year round comfort.
Ward's Joinery System

We're ready to get to know you.
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