Step-by-Step Home Construction Guide - Part II

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Step-by-Step Home Construction Guide - Part II

With your site prepped, you’re ready to break ground on your new log cabin or timber home. You’ve gone from planning (….and planning and planning) to making some serious strides towards your new home. With the design process behind you, what can you expect during this next phase? We’re here to clue you in with our second installation in our six-part, step-by-step guide to building.

Digging Day

It’s as simple as it sounds. Breaking ground involves removing the dirt from your home site to create the space for a foundation. But a shovel isn’t going to cut it for this job. (Though feel free to bring one and commemorate the occasion with the first dig!) Your excavating team will use their heavy-duty equipment to dig out the areas staked out for your house. How much soil is removed depends on your plan. If you’re including a full basement, the excavators will have more to do than if you’re building on a slab or crawlspace.

Footing Phase

With your footprint excavated, your concrete subcontractor will begin pouring the footings for your new log or timber home. Footings provide support for the foundation (and, in turn, the entire house). Your licensed subcontractor will ensure the fittings adhere to local building codes, especially in regard to the depth of placement. (They must be below the frost line to avoid shifting as the ground freezes and thaws.)

Firm Foundation

The foundation is the next building block of your home. Concrete masonry blocks and poured walls are traditional foundation options, but in recent years, insulated concrete forms have earned their place at the table due to their ease of installation and superior insulating abilities.

If you’re not sure what option is best for your build, we can help, see our article on 'Choosing the Right Foundation for Your Log Home'. After all, internet research only goes so far. The best choice “on paper,” may not be the one that suits your particular house design, climate and property. Keeping the details of your project in mind, our knowledgeable team of experts can help guide you to the option that is best for your new home.

Whew! You’ve made it through prepping your site and breaking ground. Next up: Delivery Day.

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