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Our Story

The original cabin fashioned by young lumberman Bruce Ward in 1923 was not a product of foresight, but of passion. Ward loved log cabins. He was fascinated by their snugness and warmth.

Ward was contracted by a telegraph company to provide cedar utility poles, which were recognized for their strength and resistance to insects and decay. Ward also liked the appearance of the wood, so he cut some of the best poles into manageable lengths, notched them and brought the pre-cut pieces of Northern White Cedar logs to his lakeside property in Northern Maine where he built a cabin for himself. Little did he know, he had created the first log home package in history.

The cabin's charm, coziness, warmth and ease of assembly caught the eye of friends and neighbors. They began asking Bruce if he would sell them a cabin package too. To meet the demand, he invented the special interlocking milling technique, set up a mill in Presque Isle, Maine, and began producing hand-hewn log cabins under the name of Northern Cedar Company.

Bruce Ward's continuous improvement of joinery resulted in the ingenious interlocking milling technique. With this system, which would become known as the tongue-and-groove method of log joinery, the pre-cut, pre-packaged log home industry was born. Improvements in engineering standards such as these catapulted Ward out of the "log cabin" business into mainstream American housing. In 1955, the company — known as Ward Cabin Company — moved its entire operation to new, larger facilities in Houlton, Maine, where Ward Cedar Log Homes makes its headquarters today.

Because Ward customers have increasingly demanded log homes for year-round living, today over 95 percent of all Ward buildings are full-time homes. From summer retreats to winter havens, Ward Cedar Log Homes is known throughout the country for its achievements in year round log home building technology, including our five point Comfort System-5™ log wall system, which makes Ward homes air tight, waterproof and energy efficient.

Begin your log home journey today and let us be a part of your story to share.