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Window Choices - Part I

You are just starting to plan your home and there are many decisions to think about.  The design of your log home needs to meet your needs, ideas and to be perfect for your living situation.  A lot of important decisions are to be made about cabinetry, the type of floor to put down, light fixtures, the layout of the home, etc.  Window choices are equally as important and sometimes get overlooked in the very beginning.
When designing the layout of your home, you’ll be thinking about window placement in reference to where you may put your furniture and where you want light coming in.  However there is more to it.  There are many window choices out there from not just size and color, but the style of home you are after.  Looking for a cottage style home, modern or something different?   
Ward Cedar Log Homes uses Andersen® Windows and they come in many different choices.  They have a number of series from 100 Series, 200 Series, 400 Series, A Series, and a few others.   There are different colors in each series along with grille configurations, accessories, glass options, and what the window itself if made of.  We will look at all these choices in the upcoming blog posts.
The first that we will cover are Windows by Materials.
Andersen’s 100 Series windows are engineered with Fibrex® composite material.  This makes the window durable, sustains ability and is energy-efficient.  Used as an alternative to vinyl it is twice as strong and provides low maintenance for the exterior. 
Andersen’s 200 & 400 Series windows are made with wood interior and vinyl clad exterior.  They focus on the most popular designs and sizes in both series to create the right balance of innovation, design, efficiency and price.
A-Series windows are an architectural style.  The outer frame of the window is engineered with fiberglass which provides strength and stability and never loses its luster.  The interiors are solid wood that provide insulation, versatility and natural beauty. 
E-Series windows are aluminum clad to provide an almost maintenance-free exterior that resists the outside elements. 
To get a look at the options Andersen® Windows offer visit their website at or give us a call at 800-341-1566 and we would be happy to assist you with your window choices.

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