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Not All Material Packages Are Created Equal

For the most part log homes arrive in “kits” or also called materials package and are then assembled on the jobsite.  Building a log home has been a dream of many for years and something that you may do only once or twice.  One of the major steps when choosing a log home company is comparing price quotes. 

First homeowners need to determine their wants and needs in a log home and then research companies that can satisfy those needs.  Material packages can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Not only how companies cut the logs and the construction process, but how they describe their kits.  You can get anything from a basic shell to everything that is needed to complete the home.  There is no set standard so learning what is provided in each package is important when considering a log home. 

Some manufacturers offer what is considered basic kits or logs only packages.  These contain materials needed to erect the log walls.  Then you have weather tight kits which take the basic package and include materials to get your home under roof.  This will include your doors and windows.  Homeowners that plan to do some, but not all the work will choose this as a good option.  Complete kits contain everything that a weather tight shell has plus more of the interior materials.  They will include interior framing with T&G paneling, ceiling paneling, interior doors, window and door trim, 2nd floor framing along with subfloor, and stairs.  There are also a select few that offer a “turnkey” kit.  This is everything needed to make the home livable. 

Remember that anything that is not supplied by the log home company you are working with will need to be supplied from another source.  When comparing quotes you want to be sure to ask if it includes anything beyond the delivery of your log home such as blueprints, construction manual, compliance with local codes, and support during construction and even after you have moved into your home. 

There are other factors to take into account when looking at quotes.  Are the logs milled or handcrafted.  That alone can mean a big price difference.  How the log system is put together can affect the cost.  Are the logs laminated, authentic, or is the company just supplying siding with a conventional framed wall.  Are you getting random length logs or do they come pre-cut.  Random length logs may be less expsensive upfront; however it requires more labor on the jobsite.  A pre-cut log takes the guess work out, goes up more efficient and you are getting a precision cut.  The more pre-cut materials a company offers it decreases on-site labor costs and the chance for error.

All log homes are not created equal.  That is why comparing the quality and items supplied in each log home materials package is important.  After all building a log home is one of the largest investments you will make so it is important to make the right decision.  You are not only buying a home, you are buying a company and its ability to provide you with a quality home, to consult with you through the building process, provide you with personal attention, and to be there for you after you move into your home.  Download Ward’s Comparision Guide to help you.  We will even help you fill it out when you are ready.  Know what you are getting before you buy.  Never hesitate to ask a question.  What may seem insignificant may be important.  Even slight differences can mean dollars and time.  


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